Get Noticed

Leverage Digital Ads and Blogging

Have a website but not getting the web traffic you need? This package is perfect for businesses that have an online presence but need more traction. Leverage content and digital ads to attract more customers.

Multi-Use Content

No piece of content should live in just one spot. Every month we help you maximize your content creation with omnichannel presence. 

Digital Ads

Digital advertising is one of the most effective, targeted ways to reach your audience. We make it affordable and manageable.

Increase Website Traffic

Traffic grows when you optimize and maximize content. Traffic grows even more when coupled with paid Google search ads.

Your Subscription Includes

Dedicated Account Manager

Digital Advertising

Existing Website Audit

Monthly Blog Post

Monthly Reporting


Content creation and syndication don’t clearly result in direct sales. However, when you  regularly produce content and push that content across platforms, you will see improvements in traffic and, in turn, an increase in business growth. This plan positions you to increase your website traffic through organic and paid search strategies.

Each plan comes with $150/mo ad budget included for digital advertising

Don’t wait to get started! Your account setup and monthly ad-spend is included.


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There’s an adage in our industry that “Content is King” and it is 100% true. There is no good reason not to create content, but we still meet a number of clients who claim they just don’t have the time. Working with Approach Positive ensures content is created—and syndicated— on a regular basis.

Clear metrics and competency are why we continue to work with this team. Approach Positive demonstrates an intuitive understanding of our requirements. Knowing that content is created and shared regularly, and seeing clear metrics showing the increase in our traffic is something we just can’t argue with!

Granite Mountain Accounting


In the first 6 months of working together, we saw an unimaginable return on our ad spending. We thought it was too good to be true, but once we saw the data, we knew we made the right decision.

G&M Restaurant

Food & Hospitality

The professionals at Approach Positive truly listened to my needs. They suggested a Get Noticed approach and it fit perfectly for the problems I addressed. It was refreshing to be “listeneed to” and not “sold to.”

Sutherland Family Law